Proof of Funds

Proof of Funds (POF)

A Proof of Funds, also known as a POF, serves to verify that the investor does in actual fact have the necessary capital for a particular investment. The intention behind this - for example with respect to large projects - is to guarantee that only those who would ultimately be in a position to realise such a project submit offers. The purpose of the proof is to ensure that the financial resources required for a transaction are available and also lawful.

A POF verifies that an investor in fact does have the investment amount or the necessary capitals. It happens more often that someone submits a project offer but if selected, they will not have the capital to realize the project. The POF makes sure that only those submit offers who can realize the project because they have the required capital. POF is especially important when we talk about large projects.

Mostly, a POF comes as a bank statement. However, as a financial facilitator, we provide dedicated POF product to our clientele. A covering letter from SUISSE BANK is all the party-in-question would get confirming that the investor has the necessary resources and capital, as well as that it is all lawful and no legal issues can arise from the use of this capital.





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