Bank Guarantee

Bank Guarantee (BG)

A bank guarantee is a function that many businesses seek. They are generally importers, exporters or contractors whose business partners demand a promise of payment in some form. A guarantee is a written undertaking by the financial institution that in the event the customer does not meet a certain obligation the financial institution will pay the amount of money to the party in question in the name of the customer.

Without a bank guarantee, or BG, many businesses won’t be opening a line of business with you. Becoming our approved client gives you exclusive access to our years of negotiation and financial transaction prowess. We harness your rights and make appropriate guarantees so that you can do your business in a risk-free and independent way.

With our trade finance products and services, we aim to enable business of our clientele. Our approved clients have raised a good sum of money thanks to our practices. For business expansion, import and export is necessary.

The most widely used types of guarantees are:

  • Payment guarantee
  • Tender guarantee
  • Advance payment guarantee
  • Performance bond




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