Documentary Letter of Credit

Documentary Letter of Credit (LC)

Letters of credit have appeared almost simultaneously with banks. Their performance is based on the fact that the solvency of an unknown buyer is replaced with the solvency of a well-known bank. SUISSE BANK often has to put itself in place of its clients and give certain liabilities that the payment will be made subject to performance of certain conditions. Such mechanism is called a letter of credit or a documentary letter of credit.

If you indulge in international trade, you need a trade financing bank that can work as a financial partner. SUISSE BANK does exactly that. Our speciality is not only competitive fees or world-class infrastructure, but also customer satisfaction. You see, we aim at being authoritative in what we do.

There are various kinds of letters of credit. For example, you might need a documentary letter of credit or an irrevocable letter of credit. It depends on the situation and the kind of business, whether you need you can rely on us. You can be sure that you will get the best trade financing solutions to your business expansion requirements if you choose us because we do not treat you as a client, we treat you as a partner in business and we will be proud to have you by our side.


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