In the cut-throat competition today, the key to success is launching products with a Unique Selling Proposition and excellent features that will give a competitive advantage. The new trend has revolutionized even the banking industry – an institution that began with just basic plans such as fixed deposit, savings account or recurring deposit has now been inspired to spruce up things by offering attractive features, flexible banking, and a variety of packages. The idea is to offer an improved and one-of-a-kind banking experience to all. And SUISSE BANK is a name that stands tall in the clutter when it comes to innovative and flexible banking.       

Ways to Bank – Go Mobile!

What are the different ways you bank – at the ATM, online, on the phone, or at the bank itself? The latter is more conventional, while modern customers now prefer everything on the go. This has literally pushed the banking sector to be digitally advanced. And that begins with offering the flexibility of banking right onto the fingertips. Many leading banking institutions, including offshore banks such as SUISSE BANK, provide the facility of banking online or through a mobile app.

For offshore banking, this is an absolute necessity because it helps you easily monitor how wealth is moving. With internet banking facility, you can seamlessly make e-transfers, move money between accounts, pay bills, view e-statements, download details of investment account, and much more. You can also stay connected to your accounts round-the-clock through instant notifications and alerts, and secure messaging.

Some offshore banking institutions also have dedicated mobile apps that give you the utmost flexibility of banking on the go. The apps are available for both Android and iOS devices, and come with a wide spectrum of banking options. The banks also ensure high-end security and two-way authentication for internet banking and mobile app facilities.

Therefore, flexibility and ease are important factors that consumers consider when choosing their preferred banking partner, especially for offshore accounts.

A Gamut of Services on Your Fingertips

The range of banking services available is also a vital factor that consumers look for in a banking institution. This is important because the competition in the banking industry is fierce, and only the best products and services can help gain an advantage over others. Therefore, concepts such as flexi banking have come into the picture today. Higher rate of interest, seamless liquidity, ability to fulfil regular cash needs, no minimum deposit amount, etc. are some features that attract individuals and businesses to open an account with the bank.

Top-notch offshore banks such as SUISSE BANK win the game by offering a wide range of services that come with private and corporate banking. These include:

•    Core banking facilities: These include savings and current account opening, processing cash withdrawals and deposits, bank loans & mortgages, processing cheques and payments, fixed deposit, recurring deposit, gold reserve, foreign exchange transactions, bonds, vault management, capital notes, multi-currency conversion, treasury accounts and key CRM activities.

•    Debit MasterCard: Many banking institutions also provide a debit MasterCard on holding a private or corporate account with them. The card features high transaction limits, personal style/shopping, customised travel service, concierge services, and much more.

•    Low first payment amount: The first payment amount may not be necessarily a minimum deposit amount, and can be used freely.

•    International payments: For individuals or companies engaged in international payments, the banks may provide the facility of currency exchange at attractive rates. Some banking institutions provide the option to make or receive payments in multiple currencies. This certainly makes banking more flexible and convenient.

•    Dedicated account manager: Private or corporate executive packages ensure quick support and a dedicated account manager who monitors, invests and transfers the money in a profit-earning and discreet way.

•    High-end security and privacy: Providing a safe haven to secure and grow your wealth is an important service that many banks offer. Advanced security systems and 100% confidentiality ensure the money is in safe hands. Additionally, 24/7 access to the account and its money is also available via internet banking or mobile app.  

Innovative Solutions Can Help Cut Through the Competition

The offshore banking sector is now flooded with numerous service providers, vying to take the top position in the minds of the customers. Therefore, innovativeness is the only way to carve a strong competitive advantage. Here’s how some leading banking institutions such as SUISSE BANK go innovative with their solutions:

•    Aids in international trading: Many offshore banks offer trade financing solutions, with a wide range of financial instruments that many aid in export-import. These include:

i.    Bank guarantee: It is a written undertaking by a banking institution that, if in any case, the client is unable to make the payment or meet other obligations as mentioned in the contract, the bank will pay the amount to the beneficiary in lieu of the client.

ii.    Letter of Credit: Letter of Credit used in international trading can be of two types – Documentary letter of credit (LC) and Standby letter of credit (SBLC). It is a powerful financial instrument that helps build credibility among the partners to trade. For instance, it protects the interest of the seller or exporter by making complete payment upon delivery of goods and presenting required documents in case the buyer fails to do so. It also helps safeguard the interest of the buyer by ensuring that the seller will fulfil his obligations even if the former is unable to make a payment.

iii.    Proof of funds: The written document is validated by the bank, stating the client is financially sound for the trade transaction or investment.

•    Blockchain banking: Premier banking institutions often offer out-of-the-box services by providing the option of blockchain banking or trading in cryptocurrencies. These include crypto trading, storage, withdrawal, deposit and liquidity.

•    Investments: Most offshore banks provide expert consulting for attractive investment opportunities in real estate or other fields to help you earn maximum profitability and mitigate risks.


If you are looking for effective wealth management and lucrative ways to grow your money, choosing a banking institution like SUISSE BANK with flexible operations and creative solutions can ensure great value.         

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