If you are well-versed with the banking and finance industry for quite some time now, you might be aware of the term – blockchain. It is the key technology driving usage of Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies in a decentralised yet secure and anonymous manner. It is a digital database, popularly called “public ledger” that stores virtually all Bitcoin transactions in a comprehensive manner. The “distributed” ledger can be accessed from anywhere in the world via cryptographically-secured APIs and torrents.
One of the top reasons driving exceptional popularity of blockchain today is – it provides distributed and tamper-proof data of ownership and aids in asset transactions without the requirement for any guarantee. Considering the growing demand for blockchain, several banks and financial institutions are now offering blockchain banking services. However, SUISSE BANK stands a step ahead by providing an all-in-one wallet with high-end security of all your trading records.
The bank is well-recognised globally for its excellence in offshore private and corporate banking. However, it also offers dedicated and custom-made blockchain banking services and particularly transaction of top cryptocurrencies. The bank also provides its clients the flexibility of controlling all matters related to blockchain banking all by themselves, with utmost ease and security.
Blockchain Banking Services Offered by SUISSE BANK
For all its approved clients, SUISSE BANK offers a gamut of professional blockchain banking services through a single wallet. Let’s have a quick glimpse of the services provided:
•    Cryptocurrency Trading: The bank allows its verified clients from anywhere in the world to trade in leading cryptocurrencies. The services include:

•    Cryptocurrency trading
•    Cryptocurrency storage
•    Cryptocurrency liquidity
•    Crypto transfer and conversion
With SUISSE BANK, you can be fully assured that your investments in cryptocurrencies are highly secured and localised into one single wallet. You, as a client, hold complete control of the wallet and has the flexibility to backup the transactions, and safeguard your crypto and data from unauthorised access. The bank provides one of the most secure and easy-to-access wallets to invest and store the top cryptocurrencies.
•    Gold: The USP of the bank is that it allows offshore clients to purchase physical gold and trade, sell, store, or convert it into cash. The gold purchased through the bank can also be sent to the client’s address in the most secure and reliable manner.

•    Debit Master Card: With SUISSE BANK, clients can hold 14K Solid Gold Debit MasterCard – a financial instrument that personifies your status, credibility and power. The MasterCard comes with great features and services that no other card can provide. Additionally, you can easily convert your cryptocurrencies – such as Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. – into high profit-earning fiat money and transfer the same from your offshore private or corporate account into your MasterCard.

•    Offshore Account: Clients can now open offshore private and corporate accounts with dedicated portfolio management services, advanced Internet banking technology and around-the-clock access to your funds. With its personalised services, the bank provides one of the best places to secure your assets and grow your wealth.
How SUISSE BANK Blockchain Banking Can Help You?
There are several ways how SUISSE BANK has beenrevolutionising the blockchain banking industry. Let’s find out how it can deliver value to you:
•    Fraud Reduction: In a scenario where money transfers, stock exchanges, trading in cryptocurrencies or other financial intermediaries are highly prone to digital crimes, blockchain banking with this bank can ensure fraud reduction by up to 45%. You have access to an all-in-one, highly secured wallet that you can access anytime and from anywhere in the world in a hassle-free manner.

•    Setting up an Account is Hassle-free: Since blockchain technology allows the bank to retrieve verification information of the client from other organisations, it minimises the hassle of “Know Your Customer”. This allows quick activation of your wallet.

•    A Myriad of Services into a Single Account: Another key feature of SUISSE BANK blockchain banking is that it provides a plethora of financial products and services into one wallet. This ensures easy & quick access and managing your wallet in an efficient manner.
In addition to blockchain banking, SUISSE BANK also provides a wide range of financial instruments that aid in seamless international trading.

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