SUISSE BANK is a reputable offshore banking institution, registered in the Union of Comoros and operating from Abu Dhabi, UAE. It offers private and corporate overseas banking solutions to its approved clients and has extended its business in most countries across the world. If you are an agent and looking for strategic business relationships, SUISSE BANK is a name you can trust. The bank provides its agents with lucrative opportunities and solutions to achieve high client satisfaction and drive business growth. However, to become an agent, you must be first approved by the bank.

Discussed here is how this offshore banking institution helps drive new clients, nurture them and grow your agency.

Trade and Project Financing

Trade or project financing solutions are exceptionally in demand as businesses continuously strive to finance their trade or project through a bank or financial institution. As an agent, you can partner with SUISSE BANK and provide your clients with effective trade and project financing solutions that can help grow your business. The bank offers a wide range of financial instruments that enable you to finance your clients’ trade and project requirements. These include:

•    Bank Guarantee: It is a written undertaking that in the event the client is unable to fulfil the certain obligations as mentioned in the contract, the bank will make the payment to the concerned party in the name of the client.

•    Standby Letter of Credit: A standby letter of credit aids in international trading, wherein the bank guarantees full payment to the beneficiary, e.g. an exporter, trader or supplier, in case the client is unable to meet contractual obligations and where the beneficiary fulfils certain terms and conditions.

•    Documentary Letter of Credit: A letter of credit by SUISSE BANK guarantees that even if your client is unable to fulfil payment liabilities for any reason thereof, all obligations as per the contract will be duly met.

•    Proof of Funds: This is a guarantee by the banking institution that the client has the required capital to fund a particular project, trade or investment.

•    Warranty: Offering payment warranty to the beneficiary, the bank adds to the creditworthiness of your clients, eliminates capital commitments and also gives liquidity advantage.

In addition to the financial instruments, the bank provides a wide range of other products and services that you can offer to your clients and drive growth in the long-term.

Commission and Issuing Fees

If you become an agent with the offshore banking institution, you can enjoy a commission of 20 percent depending on the issuing fee your client pays. The agent issuing fee is remarkably lower than regular client fees and is received in advance in T/T payment. The bank can also provide tailored agent agreements depending on your client base and type of agency.

Processing Fees

It is simple and hassle-free to become an agent with SUISSE BANK. However, for compliance procedures and processing, the bank charges a one-time fee of EUR 5,000.

Becoming an agent with one of the world’s leading offshore banking institutions certainly pays off great. To partner with SUISSE BANK and leverage lucrative business opportunities, get in touch with their experts today.

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